Buffalo Bills/L.A. Colts


The Buffalo Bills have a new generic owner, who will keep the team in garbage mode for years, and in Buffalo. Donald Trump offered 2 billion for football’s biggest loser. We could compare this move to when George Steinbrenner bought the New York Yankees and brought them out of the sewer, and brought back the glory of the Yankees.

Buffalo loves to play the pity card and will stay as “bottom feeders” with this new owner who has won nothing. Donald Trump would have brought great talent, with his cash flow and would have put the Bills on the map as a winner. The new venue should be called Mc Donald’s Field.

However, this pathetic town chooses to stay a loser. The only thing to do in Buffalo on a Friday Night is going to Mc Donalds and worship the Ronald Mc Donald statue. With long cold winters and this city still can’t sell out a NFL game.

Nice move, the Bills will go 5-11 and will see a return of the “Amish Rifle” for Bills fans.

In the mean time the Colts may be forced out Indianapolis due to their owners drug problem, and we all thought Indiana was pure. The Colts would be perfect for L.A. and would triple in value. Leaving their semi new venue won’t be an issue as the NCAA and NBA would take over the venue.

The Colts moving to L.A. could bring their value to 2.2 billion. In Indiana they are worth about 10 bucks. And yes, this can happen, no team is immune from moving. Persons in Indiana with a short IQ tend to forget that the Colts came from Baltimore, a city that adored the Colts.

The Colts are one of lowest of the merchandise marketing chain, with “L.A.” in front their name they can become popular and go global.

The Huck Fins of Indiana have NASCAR and Basketball to take over, in the event the Colts leave. No team is set at their location forever, they will always find a way to move if the price is right.

Why is there even pro football in Indiana?  Colts and Rams would be a complete fit for L.A.

Next Moves: New Jersey/L.A. Bills San Antonio/L.A. Raiders


We will update as soon as the sale of these two franchises is complete.

The Bills will be sold in the next 24 months, what city will they move to? It’s unknown. The Raiders lease is up in December of 2015 and the Current owner has had authentic talks with San Antonio, Red Mc Combs has vouched for Raiders owner Mark Davis as serious about moving the Raiders to San Antonio.

L.A. will get the Rams by the start of 2015 season, however which AFC team is coming with them is unknown!

O.C. Outhouse Central


When football returns to Southern California, it will return to L.A. County, not Orange County.

That other county, the Arkansas of Southern California, will not be getting an NFL team, nor should they. They most bigoted and snottiest persons come from this area. They always play up to the TV show that glorified Orange County as a rich paradise.

That was deception. Orange County is a glorified Arkansas next to an ocean. It has ghettos and barrios and a high crime rate, so high the city that has Disney land is nicknamed “”Anacrime!”

You never get a resident from The OC to admit there are only about two towns that are nice and safe to live in, they always live in the past. With a rich history of racism and hatred towards anything that was not pale.

North Orange County is gone. It is a gang infested , drug induced region. No NFL player who is not pale, would ever want to live in this county, that is why there will never be an NFL team in this place called Orange County. 2014 and the hatred is still induced and injected into its residents along with bullying. This is also the bully capital of the country.

Residents minds have been washed to think they are living in paradise, when they are living in an outhouse.

The OC AKA “Outhouse Central” The Rams left for good reasons, and wont return to an Orange County address ever again.

When they return it will be in L.A. County.

L.A. Colts

Irony is a beautiful. These two had former owners(Rams and Colts) that swapped deeds to these franchises in the early 70’s. If these two end up in the same city, minds would be blown.

Of course those two former owner are gone and new owners are now Masters of the Rams and Colts. However L.A. needs an AFC team to go with the Rams.

The Raiders are the favorite on the list, as Los Angeles Raider fans are double in size, and stronger than ever, and ready for a return in a new venue. The Raiders play in a place that should be called the “Outhouse” as opposed to the “O”. Tarps are the norm to cover up the lack of attendance, and a reports on those who attend are inflated and lied about.

The Jacksonville Jaguars with their tarps and a tiny market average more than the Raiders do. The Bay Area is the 5th going on the fourth largest market in the country, so there are plenty of people to watch and attend football.

However, it’s an area that has fans of other teams and the with the San Francisco 49ers getting ready to play in a luxury venue, they will be the Masters of the area. Heck, even Cowboy fans out number Raider fans, as proved when the Cowboys visited San Francisco a couple of years ago, even the players of the 49ers said they felt like they were on the road.

So what does this have to do with the Colts? Well their current owner keeps have legal troubles and may be forced to sell the team. Yes, owners have to be punished too. There is a line of Wealthy persons from L.A. that would love to own the Colts and bring them to L.A.

Even a division switch would be perfect.

If the Colts would move to L.A. it would be an easy switch.


AFC West
L.A. Colts
San Diego

AFC South
Kansas City

Too easy.

Plus who wouldn’t want to see Andrew Luck vs Peyton Manning twice a year?

Raider fans in L.A. would be upset, but their owner chooses to stay in a dead market and sign retreads and recyclable Coaches. They will never be able to sign big time names if they stay where they are at. Only a move to L.A. would double the value and bring the top Athletes to L.A.

So it’s his choice, however the screen door is closing and the Colts could be the AFC team to play in L.A. with Andrew Luck as the starting QB.

Once again we shall wait and see!


One Down


Master Rams owner Stan Kroenke has purchased 60 acres of land near Hollywood Park, in Inglewood. If you go back in time, this was the land Former Owner Al Davis wanted for the L.A. Raiders. The late Davis also was interested in Irwindale. All deals failed.

It is safe to say the Rams are returning to Los Angeles County after the 2014 season,unless Owner Stan Kroenke is buying the land so he can have huge bon fires and Keg parties. The Rams will be free of St Louis at the end of next season. No more snow ever. No more oppressive humidity.

As reported via L.A. Times, this is actually a true story, unlike the many message boards that have had wolf cries.

If you are a Rams fan who loved the Los Angeles franchise, it’s time to dust off your old caps and shirts. It’s time to purchase L.A. Rams items as opposed to St Louis. It’s time to burn all things with St. Louis Rams on them.

For those in St Louis, who will be heartbroken, all three of you, this was never your team. This team ws moved out of spite by an owner who was more interested in the players looks, than winning.

If your a St. Louis fan, Shahid Kahn know becomes your hero. He wanted the Rams in the first place, because he has ties to the St Louis area. So look to him, possibly bringing the Jaguars to Missouri.

The good news is, the St Louis Jaguars could swap divisions easily, they can stay right where there at.

St Louis Jaguars possible division swap:

Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans
St. Louis Jaguars

No harm , no foul.

For L.A. football fans:

No Vikings.

No Buccaneers

No Falcons

No Panthers

No Cardinals

The Los Angeles Rams will be the first NFC team to return to Southern California.

As for a second team. It would have to be from the AFC. Only two teams are left. The Raiders and the Dolphins. Flip a coin. My money is on the Raiders, since they have the biggest following L.A. next to the Rams.

The Dolphins could be the sleeper of it all.

Los Angeles Rams 2015!!!

Welcome Back!!

L.A. Verdict Is In..


All the obsession of what and when a team would be returning to L.A. is about to come to an end.

2014-2015 will be a season of moves. 3 teams could possibly be in their correct area.

What teams?

Which teams wont be moving to L.A.

1. San Diego Chargers: The Chargers are planning on staying. The Mayor just have to sort out the location.

San Diego has a better chance of moving to Salt Lake City than L.A.

Chargers owners know moving to Los Angeles would be the death of the Bolts.

Once the politics sort out, the Chargers will likely get a new venue near Down Town.

2. Buffalo Bills: Really? You think L.A. would want this losing franchise in their region? No. The Buffalo Bills are the Minnesota Vikings of the AFC. Biggest losers in the AFC. The Bills could never build a fan base in L.A. Why? Because they suck and will continue to suck until they move to Toronto. This city has a following for the Bills and will put tons of money into this team to make it a winner. Buffalo is where the dead go to die. There is nothing to do in Buffalo but eat and eat. Toronto has it all.

Blue Jays
Maple Leafs

Sounds complete, and the Bills would triple in value. Buffalo is a pile of shit.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: This team was born to move. The NFL put the Jaguars in Jacksonville, knowing they would fail. Florida belongs to the Dolphins and the Bucs. The Florida Gators rule Jacksonville, and will never embrace the Jaguars. They have tarps to cover the seats. If you lived in Florida, you will never see a Jaguars shirt. The Dolphins, Bucs, Gators, Seminoles and Hurricanes are the teams. The Jaguars are about as popular the Tampa Bay Rays. The NFL chose San Antonio, Birmingham, Portland and even L.A. over Jacksonville, so there was an agenda.

The NFL knew someday that they would go global, and London would be the city. The Jaguars are perfect for London. Many persons in London, like the Jaguars. This team will not be losers for long. The owner Shahid Khan will put tons of cash into this team once they officially move to London. He won’t put a dime into this team as long as it is in Jacksonville.

London fans need to get ready to have their own team and watch how much money is put into this team to make it the best. Khan knows what he is doing and he will make this team a winner.

London Jaguars even sounds correct!!

Teams that will be coming to L.A.

1. L.A. Rams: What a shock. Lease is up next season. Rams owner has a home in Southern California, the Coach is a Southern California naïve.

The Rams have the strongest following next to the Raiders in L.A. They are already getting the “L.A.” shirts ready, Pasadena Rose Bowl has offered its services until the new venue is complete in 2016.

Do we need more proof?

Rams are coming home.

2. Raiders: The venue is open. L.A. can hold two teams. It needs an AFC team. Mark Davis will never get full sellouts in a 52,000 tarp covered stadium up North. The Raiders rank last in value. They would triple in value, and they have a fan base waiting for them to come home. Davis would be able to sign key free agents, instead of getting left overs that destroy the team. The 70’s are over, and the Raiders need to move. L.A. is so perfect for them, it will be up to Mark Davis what he does, but the door is open to L.A.

3. Miami Dolphins: Friends here is your sleeper team. the city voted no on expanding Sun Life Stadium, and the crowds are not as big as they used to be. You know the Los Angeles Dolphins sounds kind of cool.

The L.A. Rams Are Free After 2014


Never will they be called the St Louis Rams, the owner moved the team out of spite. It was unfair. Run the team into the ground and blame the fans in Southern California for not showing up to see a lame product.

Ram followers in Southern California, you already know, but it never hurts to be reminded.

The Los Angeles Rams can be released by the Edwards Jones Dome prison officials and the city of St Louis after 2014. The Rams could be playing at the Rose Bowl for the 2014 season. What an opportunity.

Rose Bowl or Edward Jones Dome. Let me think? Expect it L.A. Rams, your team will be paroled in one more season, and your head Coach is a native of Southern California, be patient and go out and find those retro L.A. Rams jerseys.

The original, not these Notre Dame copycats.

When the Rams return to L.A., They should honor the original blue and white uniforms, the ones Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen played in until the new venue in L.A. is complete, then go back to The 1979 NFC Champions digs. Those in St Louis, you better start kissing Jags owner Shahid Khan’s rectum if you want a team back in St Louis. Khan has ties to that area, and could replace the Rams with the Jaguars. Of course it probably won’t happen as London is calling the Jaguars!