Colts Owner Wants L.A.


Colts owner has revealed he is tired of the generic place called Indiana. His football team is worth about a buck in Indiana.  Tourism in this state is virtually none, nobody goes to Indianapolis unless they have too or forced.

If you landed in Mississippi you would feel like you were Indiana and vice versa.  Everybody looks the same and sounds the same and seem like clones, self-righteousness is just the tip of the iceberg in Indiana, these people are dull and boring and are racist. If you have ever watched a Colts game in Indianapolis, it looks like a KKK meeting.

You never see Colts gear out of Indiana, because it is an embarrassment, you can always find loads of Colts gear on clearance even before the season has ended even in a playoff year, it is hard to believe the NFL has a team in this city, Des Moines has more to do than Nap town.

Why do they call it Nap Town? Because it will put you to sleep after being in the city limits for a half of an hour. Sleep town, with nothing to do but worship Hee- Haw. You can even understand the residents when they speak, too much “King of the Hill” influence and worship.

Why would the NFL allow a team with that condones old Southern Ways?

This is why the Colts owner hangs out in L.A. the majority of the time. There is culture and 10 million things to do on any given day, and the weather is always good, no snow or oppressive humidity that makes you feel gross.

The Colts would be worth billions with a move to L.A. Not only that the Colts would sell gear all over the globe..

The Colts and Rams in the same city would be epic for the football fans of L.A.

As of now the Colts owner has a way to move this team to L.A. before another AFC team jumps ahead. QB Andrew Luck deserves a better place to play than in a indoor barn.

The Colts would play at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in 70 degree weather until the new L.A. venue is completed. It would be great to see that Colt Blue under sunshine instead of a barn.

Note: To all you legalistic persons, the Raiders and Browns both had decade long leases with their current cities before they moved to their new homes, stop playing the lease card.








San Diego Sewage

You always here how great San Diego isand how bad L.A. is- nothing can be further from the truth.

San Diego is a drug invested, vagrant begging, bread gobbling, racist city. The citizens are worthless self-righteous persons in the Nation, always blaming L.A. and Raider fan for their troubles. Even their counterfeit gangs, try to be like their L.A. Masters.

Say what you want about L.A. Raider fans but they fill up San Diego’s venue and have extreme passion in rooting for the Raiders, the effeminate Charger fans stay home with Mommy and whine, because Raider fans look like men and are loyal, no Charger fan is even allowed at a Raider home game.

Jealousy is a oppressing attribute. The 5 Charger fans have this in their bloodline, L.A. and the Raiders are not your issue, it’s you living at home with mommy and having an accent like a female.

These local San Diegans are nothing more than bread gobbling lazy and useless, the only reason anybody buys a ticket to a Charger games is to go see the visiting team. A local San Diegan might buy some tickets, but it is only for selfish gain, he will turn around and sell them for double to the opposing fan. Why? Because his meth addiction and other illegal drugs are more important.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos- all receive an extra home game courtesy of the drug addicted Charger fan, and these are their rivals. Even with the Chargers record being playoff worthy, these fiends still sell out and don’t show up.

When the Dallas Cowboys or Steelers and Packers come to town, you can find about 2 San Diego supporters.

The Chargers are nothing more than tools in San Diego, nobody cares about the team, the buy tickets only to make more money of opposing fans, so they can buy more drugs.

San Diego has the highest number of 30 year olds living with their parents. San Diego’s weather is not perfect. It gets cold and damp and the ocean is very cold and not worth pissing in let alone taking a swim. San Diego has a vagrant issue with aggressive pan handlers who do nothing but beg for money so they can get their meth fix on, you will notice as soon as you get off the plane.

You will also notice the stench of humidity and smog-shine during the Summer, after you been asked for change, the airport smells like a sewer.

San Diegans, worship themselves and think everybody is below them, none of them know a hard days work, they are the Adult version spoiled rotten brats. Who was the idiot that wanted two teams in this city? The Clippers were the only smart ones to leave this sewage of meth land.

The owner hasn’t figured out nobody gives two shits about his Disco Blue wearing franchise, heck even the Jacksonville Jaguars had more supporters at a San Diego home game.

The Jaguars?


Meth and self worship is more important than the Chargers. Stop blaming L.A. and other cultures for being loyal to their team, San Diego is the worst of the worst.

Portland and Sacramento would love to have this franchise, and would support it win or lose. The Chargers would have a home field advantage in these cities.

Why did the San Diego Chicken leave? Shame. This city doesn’t deserve a Tee Ball team, let alone a pro football team.

Portland or Sacramento Chargers 2015, anywhere but San Diego, even San Antonio would make men of Charger fans, it is time to move this team, and please go back to Navy Blue.

Note: Nearly 50,000 Patriot fans attended Sunday Night Football on NBC, The coach of the Patriots thanked San Diego for the extra home game.


Raiders Announce Move To Modesto


The owner of the Raiders will announce Raider movement to the Valley after the 49ers game, South Texas has waited for years, and they will not be getting the Raiders, South Texas’s last hope is the Chargers.

Despite it’s appetite for Meth, the Valley will love the Raiders, there is plenty of land near Modesto, 50 miles East of The Raiders current home.

It is proposed that the field be named after the greatest Rapper of all time and Modesto native, MC Hammer.

More details as they come via news.



Sacramento Chargers


Yes it’s time. Sacramento has reached the level it takes to have a NFL Team. Loyalty and population growth.

Just look at Sacramento Kings. This team has never won anything but a Gold Sticker that says, “Atta Boys!” Once the Raiders move to Southern California, it will oppressive for the 4 Charger fans left.

This would entertain a division switch to keep the Chargers and the Raiders separate. Raider fans have no mercy on Charger fans and destroying their stadium. The Spanos Family which has control of the Chargers is from the Valley. Stockton to be exact, which is 40 miles south of Sacramento.

Sacramento is a great sports town that is unknown. It’s proven it’s worth with the Sacramento River Cats as well, each year this minor league club leads the league in attendance. We all know all about the Kings which Mayor Kevin Johnson fought and the residents as well to keep in town.

Knowing another NBA franchise would come back to Sacramento, probably a better one, Mayor Johnson and the loyalty of the local residents is amazing and worth of notice. Let’s face the Sacramento Kings are not a winning franchise and basically have been bottom feeders for years.

Any other Mayor or residents would have thrown this franchise out-of-town, but loyalty is hard to find and the Mayor and the city have it.

The Chargers would be foolish not to consider Sacramento as home, they also have a great relationship with the San Francisco 49ers.

San Diego is the worst sports town in America. The Chargers, Padres and Aztecs never have a home field advantage, and have a hard time selling out even when they are winning. San Diego is a glorified Jacksonville.

It sucks and the weather is not perfect as the myth continues. What you have is wannabees, who live in the shadow of L.A. and extremely stuck up and snotty people who think they are better than everyone else. The NFL is too good for San Diegans, unless money is involved for their drug habits.

They live in a delusion, and sports wise they don’t deserve a Pee Wee football team. San Diego is the place where meth infected the whole nation. They sell their Charger tickets to other team’s fans in order to support their drug habits, you didn’t know San Diego is the worst town in the nation for drugs?

Why? The Masters at the top hide it, and blame other cities, so they can keep tourist blinded to how shitty their city is, hey San Diego has to feed its bread gobblers, they need the tourism.

Deception is the way of life in San Diego.

Of course they point to L.A and San Francisco to satisfy their tourist and their self-righteousness.

It’s time to give the Chargers a good home with loyal fans. who care about their city and work hard.

Sacramento has proven itself. Unlike San Diego, it does not worship itself.

The division switch is simple.

NFC West

San Francisco
Los Angeles

AFC West

Los Angeles
Kansas City

There are ties between the Spanos family and the Sacramento Stockton area, this would only work if the Raiders leave Northern California.

It would be a thrill to see the Chargers play in front of a sold out stadium with a home field advantage in Sacramento.

The Chargers and 49ers have been great friends over the years and could enjoy two games a year with one and another.

To the Spanos family consider your roots and the loyalty of Northern California and Sacramento. To the Mayor of Sacramento your loyalty and hard work are tremendous virtues.

Sacramento Chargers 2015!


The Battle of San Antonio and L.A. for the Raiders



South Texas. Obsessed with Football in a great way. Just like California, North and South Texas have deep hatred for one another.

San Antonio has been very patient and methodically waiting for the right team. Like Peyton Manning running an offense, San Antonio thinks it has its team.

San Antonio also has Austin within 50 miles of it, both are have different personalities. San Antonio is a working class city. The San Antonio River walk provides the best food in town, and could provide local Raider fans with some of the best hospitality and Mexican food.

Even football fans in Austin may fall in love with the Raiders, Austin is quirky, weird and very expensive, and has a great music scene. Chime in El Paso and Corpus Christi a few hours away and the Raiders may have a stronger fan base than the current NFL Teams in Texas.

The Raiders may not be worth as much as they would in a move to L.A.- but low taxes have always been friendly to businesses in Texas. With the World Champion San Antonio Spurs wearing Silver and Black, have the Raiders in the Alamo city will sports fans around the country quite jealous.

If owner Mark Davis wants constant sellouts, low taxes, and loyal fans with a passion for football, and a blue-collar fan base with money to spend and a city that has a history of loving and following its teams, then South Texas is the answer for the Raiders, California is to high tax wise for businesses, that is why so many have left. Moving to San Antonio, Mark Davis and his players will actually have money to spend, and they will not need tarps on any part of the current venue in San Antonio, in fact they will need to expand to about 75,000 after the first season.

L.A. may be attractive, but it is costly and there is too much competition for the Raiders to always have to win a Super Bowl. With the Dodgers, Lakers, Angels and the Rams, its to much pressure. In San Antonio, the Raiders showing their trust in the Alamo City is all the locals need to support this team, South Texans are very loyal passionate and will be honored to have the Raiders in their city.

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Raiders

The perfect match. Wearing both teams gear will look authentic.

San Diego Chickens


Wow, pretty bold comments coming from the worst fan base in the country.

The Chargers want to stop teams from moving to L.A., because they will lose their 10,000 fans in Southern California? Southern California has close to 20 plus million persons in its region, so that is like having 3 Charger fans in Southern California.

Last weeks Chiefs game had 70/30 in favor of the Chiefs fans in San Diego Stadium. BTW- The Chargers were in first place. The Jacksonville Jaguars played the Chargers a few years ago and had just as many Jaguar fans as Chargers.

When their biggest enemies come to town(Denver, Raiders) it is usually 90/10 in favor of the Broncos and Raiders fans.

The Chargers make their money off other team’s fans visiting their stadium. If the San Diego Chargers were a baseball team, they would be the Tampa Bay Rays, which get their money from Yankee and Red Sox fans.

The San Diego Chickens are biting the hand that feeds them, the Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos and any team from the Northeast. If the Packers and the Steelers came to town, there would be about 5 Charger fans in the stands for both games.

There are more Raider fans in San Diego than Chargers, and in L.A. it is even worse. The San Diego Chicken fans just plain suck and are to busy looking at themselves in the mirror and worshipping themselves to care about the San Diego Chickens. Yes, Persons from San Diego think they are better than you.

Southern California belongs to the Raiders and Rams fans,always has and always will. San Diego Chicken fans don’t count, they are Chickens, and no nothing about football, they are embarrassing to the state of California.

Solution: Move to San Antonio. Texans know football and love it, they would get the Chargers a HFA(Home Field Advantage) and sell out games with Charger fans. It is an insult for the Chargers to even comment on teams moving to L.A.

Sorry San Diego Chickens-L.A. doesn’t want your lame team. Powder blue is good for Soccer, Baseball and Basketball, not football.

Now shoo. The Padres suck too, and have the same issues. Another home game for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

San Diego Chicken followers(all 2 of you) go find another team and another city, San Diego is overrated and the weather sucks and the people are snotty scumbags.

And no, it is not 70 degrees year round. It’s cold and damp in the winter and you can’t walk three feet with out an aggressive pan handler harassing you.

San Diego and their Chickens suck. Disco Blue is for Baseball, Basketball and Soccer, not Football.

The Raider fans would like to thank San Diego for the extra home game each year.

Return of the Seattle Seahawks To the AFC West?


When the Raiders move to L.A. they will switch to the AFC West. Seattle Seahawks in the 1976 started in the NFC West and switched to the AFC West in 1980. Then decades later returned to the NFC West.

The San Diego Chargers who are afraid of the Raiders and their fans, love this idea, no more Raiders twice a year. Of course the Seahawks – 49ers rivalry will be dead.

But it is what San Diego wants if they are to move to L.A.

The San Diego Chargers rarely sell out unless the Raiders or Cowboys or 49ers are in town, they have lame and wimpy fans, who can’t get Raider fan in check. The San Diego Chicken is symbolic of San Diego fans.

So the L.A. Chargers will get stay in the AFC West and Seattle would be their new rivalry. The Chargers wont sell out even with the Seahawks in their division, why?

San Diegans love to worship themselves and they are too snobby to go to a Charger game, this is the worst sports town in the league. The Chargers have about 3 loyal fans, this is the team that should go to San Antonio.

San Diego’s new motto should be: ” San Diegans worship themselves come and bow to us!”