Return of the Seattle Seahawks To the AFC West?


When the Raiders move to L.A. they will switch to the AFC West. Seattle Seahawks in the 1976 started in the NFC West and switched to the AFC West in 1980. Then decades later returned to the NFC West.

The San Diego Chargers who are afraid of the Raiders and their fans, love this idea, no more Raiders twice a year. Of course the Seahawks – 49ers rivalry will be dead.

But it is what San Diego wants if they are to move to L.A.

The San Diego Chargers rarely sell out unless the Raiders or Cowboys or 49ers are in town, they have lame and wimpy fans, who can’t get Raider fan in check. The San Diego Chicken is symbolic of San Diego fans.

So the L.A. Chargers will get stay in the AFC West and Seattle would be their new rivalry. The Chargers wont sell out even with the Seahawks in their division, why?

San Diegans love to worship themselves and they are too snobby to go to a Charger game, this is the worst sports town in the league. The Chargers have about 3 loyal fans, this is the team that should go to San Antonio.

San Diego’s new motto should be: ” San Diegans worship themselves come and bow to us!”

St. Louis Jaguars


Never fear St Louis fans, there is always something better around. Don’t forget the current owner of the Jaguars wanted to buy the Rams and keep them in St. Louis.

Why? He has ties to St. Louis and loves the city, that is why the Jaguars will be expected to replace the Rams when they return to Los Angeles.

Although the Jaguars are playing terrible football right now, there future looks strong as the Jaguars owner will pour in tons of money into the franchise once they get to St. Louis and make this franchise one of the best.

So, if your a St. Louis football, get ready for the Jaguars, they have great uniforms and have a passionate owner who loves the area.

Florida is and always has been Miami Dolphins land. The Jaguars have never been accepted, and the majority of fans that go to the game root for the other team.

Jacksonville loves the Florida Gators. That’s it. No division switch is needed, the St Louis Jaguars can stay in the South.

Here is what St. Louis Fans would receive:

St. Louis Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans

Sounds good.

Dodger Stadium Home of the L.A. Raiders?


It is no secret the majority of Dodger fans love the Raiders. It is no secret Magic Johnson loves the Raiders and would love to have him play at Dodger Stadium.

The Raiders lease is on January 1st 2015, lack of sell outs , tarps to hide the empty seats and the cheapest ticket prices in the NFL still can’t fill up the venue known as the AKA the Outhouse, this venue has had sewer spillage onto the field many times, with EBOLA making its rounds, what player would want to put his life at rick at this venue? The Raiders even have EBT Machines installed to try to get is lower-income fans into the stadium and it still didn’t work.

EBT Machines offer food stamps and cash through a card. The majority of Raider fans in Oakland use this program. Owner Mark Davis asked the city what can he do to get a new venue in Oakland? He would have to pay for the venue, which would cost nearly a billion- and pay off his debt of 130 million to the city as well.

San Antonio is offering a free venue with upgrades and sell out crowds. L.A. is offering a venue with the Raiders value going up about 10 tens what the are worth now.

What would you do?

It’s pretty obvious the Raiders will be gone, the question is will it be L.A. or San Antonio?

Buffalo Bills/L.A. Colts


The Buffalo Bills have a new generic owner, who will keep the team in garbage mode for years, and in Buffalo. Donald Trump offered 2 billion for football’s biggest loser. We could compare this move to when George Steinbrenner bought the New York Yankees and brought them out of the sewer, and brought back the glory of the Yankees.

Buffalo loves to play the pity card and will stay as “bottom feeders” with this new owner who has won nothing. Donald Trump would have brought great talent, with his cash flow and would have put the Bills on the map as a winner. The new venue should be called Mc Donald’s Field.

However, this pathetic town chooses to stay a loser. The only thing to do in Buffalo on a Friday Night is going to Mc Donalds and worship the Ronald Mc Donald statue. With long cold winters and this city still can’t sell out a NFL game.

Nice move, the Bills will go 5-11 and will see a return of the “Amish Rifle” for Bills fans.

In the mean time the Colts may be forced out Indianapolis due to their owners drug problem, and we all thought Indiana was pure. The Colts would be perfect for L.A. and would triple in value. Leaving their semi new venue won’t be an issue as the NCAA and NBA would take over the venue.

The Colts moving to L.A. could bring their value to 2.2 billion. In Indiana they are worth about 10 bucks. And yes, this can happen, no team is immune from moving. Persons in Indiana with a short IQ tend to forget that the Colts came from Baltimore, a city that adored the Colts.

The Colts are one of lowest of the merchandise marketing chain, with “L.A.” in front their name they can become popular and go global.

The Huck Fins of Indiana have NASCAR and Basketball to take over, in the event the Colts leave. No team is set at their location forever, they will always find a way to move if the price is right.

Why is there even pro football in Indiana?  Colts and Rams would be a complete fit for L.A.

Next Moves: New Jersey/L.A. Bills San Antonio/L.A. Raiders


We will update as soon as the sale of these two franchises is complete.

The Bills will be sold in the next 24 months, what city will they move to? It’s unknown. The Raiders lease is up in December of 2015 and the Current owner has had authentic talks with San Antonio, Red Mc Combs has vouched for Raiders owner Mark Davis as serious about moving the Raiders to San Antonio.

L.A. will get the Rams by the start of 2015 season, however which AFC team is coming with them is unknown!

O.C. Outhouse Central


When football returns to Southern California, it will return to L.A. County, not Orange County.

That other county, the Arkansas of Southern California, will not be getting an NFL team, nor should they. They most bigoted and snottiest persons come from this area. They always play up to the TV show that glorified Orange County as a rich paradise.

That was deception. Orange County is a glorified Arkansas next to an ocean. It has ghettos and barrios and a high crime rate, so high the city that has Disney land is nicknamed “”Anacrime!”

You never get a resident from The OC to admit there are only about two towns that are nice and safe to live in, they always live in the past. With a rich history of racism and hatred towards anything that was not pale.

North Orange County is gone. It is a gang infested , drug induced region. No NFL player who is not pale, would ever want to live in this county, that is why there will never be an NFL team in this place called Orange County. 2014 and the hatred is still induced and injected into its residents along with bullying. This is also the bully capital of the country.

Residents minds have been washed to think they are living in paradise, when they are living in an outhouse.

The OC AKA “Outhouse Central” The Rams left for good reasons, and wont return to an Orange County address ever again.

When they return it will be in L.A. County.