L.A. Conflict Ends




You couldn’t ask for a better solution for bringing two teams in L.A. Simply perfect.

The Raiders and Chargers, despite persecution, Roger Goodell has hit a grand slam, and St. Louis and L.A. Ram fans will be satisfied with seeing their team twice in California- and not hurt. Rams owner Stan Kroenke  is beyond genius as well.

The Chargers and the Raiders will share a venue in Southern California. The division switch is even better.

Switch the Chargers and the Hawks.

NFC West:


L.A. Chargers

St. Louis

San Francisco

AFC West:


Kansas City

L.A. Raiders


This would be implemented in 2016.






San Miego Tells The Chargers To Go Spit



I simply amazed by the stupidity of the San Diego Chargers. They tell city that billions for a new venue, and city tells them to “Fuck Off!”

The Chargers asking the city for money is like the Tampa Rays telling St Petersburg, give us money or we will leave.

Boo Who. Don’t the door hit you on your rectum. San Diego always prides itself on “we are better than L.A.!”

Actually it’s worse.  Before you get to car at the airport about 10 vagrants want your money so they can inject meth into their bodies.  San Diego has a major gang problem, This is the town in America that the genesis of Meth was started, prostitution is rampant and so is child touching.

The Chargers were born to please other teams fans as evident as their hated enemies(Broncos, Chiefs and Raiders bring more of their fans to the game.

I guess the 70 degree weather didn’t hinder them, the Chargers are threatening a move to L.A.- which is Raider-land.  The Raiders and their fans from L.A. make up 80 percent of the fans in the stands during a San Diego home game.

I guess we could say the number would go up to 99 percent in Inglewood. Their are about 500 Chargers fans in San Diego, the number would dwindle to about 5 in Inglewood.

Even the local San Diego Gangs are Raider fans. Phillip Rivers hissy fits and rage attacks are getting old and lame.

If the genius owners of the Chargers were smart they would request a division change and relocation out of the state.

But I guess the owners are between 95 and 105 and haven’t been taking their pills on a constant basis.

Portland and San Antonio would give the Chargers a home field advantage and support on a constant basis.

Of course the division switch would have to look like this:

AFC West

L.A. Raiders



Kansas City


NFC West

St. Louis

San Francisco

L.A./S.A./PTL Chargers


No harm , no foul.

San Diego doesn’t want or need the Chargers, they cost the city billions in crime and give nothing back.

Make the call to the great Mayor of San Antonio, and he will show you a real football city, that will make the Chargers a winner.








The Jaguars Born To Move


The Jaguars owner is ready to extend games in London.  For me this is history, I will be sporting my Jaguars Jersey with a London theme.

The Jaguars were born to move, and Jaguars owner Shahid Khan is a mover and a shaker, London is ready for an NFL Team- and this franchise will triple in value. Jaguars gear in London form will go global.

Even the division switch is simple:

AFC East:

New England


New York


AFC South:





AFC North:





Now, can America have a real Soccer team from the English Premier League? Say Manchester United?

NFL= No Football Los Angeles


Did this cunning genius that owns the Rams say he was going to bring the team back to L.A.?

Nope. Whims are for suckers and this owner is not doing this on a whim.

So he announced he was going to build an NFL Stadium in Inglewood. This is a masterful move by the current Rams owner.

It’s a win-win for the Rams owner.  He has awaken the St. Louis leaders to the reality of losing a team, and they are starting to talk about a new venue in the region.  A plush expensive venue, mind you.

Now, If St. Louis gives the Rams owner what he wants, he still can build an NFL stadium and control what teams play in Inglewood.

A masterful move.

The Rams owner is in control, and even has the NFL highest ranking leader Roger Goodell bowing to his whim.

Or the Rams owner could change his mind and build a soccer venue, which is just as profitable as an NFL venue in Southern California

Either way the Rams owner wins. This is the greatest owner in all of sports. The owner of the Cowboys has taken notice.

Possible Non L.A. moves:

San Antonio Raiders or if the other Silver and Black team rejects this glorious offer, look for the Chargers to sneak an email to San Antonio’s Masters.

Any NFL team that rejects moving to South Texas, with all the benefits that San Antonio has offered, is not worthy of this city, it is the best kept secret in the Nation.

San Antonio can seduce any citizen from it’s home town, great weather, food and people that love football, not to mention the leaders who run the city quite well. and will go the extra two miles for anyone.





San Meigo Chickens Choke

Once again the franchise that is afraid of the Raiders, chokes at Kansas City. If the Chickens win they would be in the playoffs, but it would be short lived- because as you and I both know, the Chargers blow. 19-7 Kansas City.

Since the Raiders are staying home, The Chargers should make a call to the San Antonio Masters and ask if they could take the Raiders deal.

Also, ask Roger Goodell and the rest of the league if the Chargers could switch with the Seahawks division wise. This would take the Chargers far away from the Raiders.

No more Raider cult members pissing on the Queefcomm and destroying the Chargers venue, the Chargers and 49ers could build a nice rivalry and a friendly one, as these two franchises have had a good relationship.

As long as the Chargers stay in San Diego they will never have a home field advantage and will be the only team to play 16 road games.


In San Antonio, the Chargers would be welcomed and supported, Texans love football, and the Chargers would love playing in San Antonio as opposed to playing front of 5 Charger fans in San Meigo.

Why are the Chargers ignored in San Meigo?

5. People who live in this city are too busy worshipping themselves.

4. “All about me” persons don’t like football, because it’s a team sport.

3. The only football fans in San Diego are followers of the Raiders.

2. To busy blaming L.A. for all their problems, when in fact San Diego is just as bad- only smaller.

1. San Diego just sucks. That’s why the Chicken left town.


NFC West changes:

San Francisco 49ers

San Antonio Chargers

St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals


AFC West changes:

Seattle Seahawks

L.A. Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs

Denver Broncos







The San Diego Chargers To Stay At Queefcomm

The San Diego Chargers are too afraid to move to L.A. because they know Raider fans rule, this leaves the door open for the Raiders or the Colts to take the AFC spot in L.A. Also the Chargers may have a new mascot in the form of “Flash Gordon!”


More details this week. Also the L.A. Dodgers appreciate the extra home games at Pathetic Park.



Colts Owner Wants L.A.


Colts owner has revealed he is tired of the generic place called Indiana. His football team is worth about a buck in Indiana.  Tourism in this state is virtually none, nobody goes to Indianapolis unless they have too or forced.

If you landed in Mississippi you would feel like you were Indiana and vice versa.  Everybody looks the same and sounds the same and seem like clones, self-righteousness is just the tip of the iceberg in Indiana, these people are dull and boring and are racist. If you have ever watched a Colts game in Indianapolis, it looks like a KKK meeting.

You never see Colts gear out of Indiana, because it is an embarrassment, you can always find loads of Colts gear on clearance even before the season has ended even in a playoff year, it is hard to believe the NFL has a team in this city, Des Moines has more to do than Nap town.

Why do they call it Nap Town? Because it will put you to sleep after being in the city limits for a half of an hour. Sleep town, with nothing to do but worship Hee- Haw. You can even understand the residents when they speak, too much “King of the Hill” influence and worship.

Why would the NFL allow a team with that condones old Southern Ways?

This is why the Colts owner hangs out in L.A. the majority of the time. There is culture and 10 million things to do on any given day, and the weather is always good, no snow or oppressive humidity that makes you feel gross.

The Colts would be worth billions with a move to L.A. Not only that the Colts would sell gear all over the globe..

The Colts and Rams in the same city would be epic for the football fans of L.A.

As of now the Colts owner has a way to move this team to L.A. before another AFC team jumps ahead. QB Andrew Luck deserves a better place to play than in a indoor barn.

The Colts would play at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in 70 degree weather until the new L.A. venue is completed. It would be great to see that Colt Blue under sunshine instead of a barn.

Note: To all you legalistic persons, the Raiders and Browns both had decade long leases with their current cities before they moved to their new homes, stop playing the lease card.