Brooklyn Boroughs?


This is a site about NFL franchises moving to L.A.

However, this site will cover other moves in professional sports.

The Tampa Bay Rays are poised to move.  The cities of Orlando and St Petersburg have not offered a new venue to the Rays.

Tampa Bay is a disaster as a baseball franchise, Yankee and Red Sox fans fill their venues and keep them alive financially.

Montreal has been mentioned as a relocation city for the Rays.



It’s time to right a wrong, the greatest baseball city was screwed, and there is a chance to rectify this.

Brooklyn Rays?

No, not for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Dodgers, unless the Dodgers return, this is impossible.

Brooklyn Boroughs.  Yes.

The retro Brooklyn “B” in baby or royal or midnight blue on the cap.  “Boroughs” across a crème colored home uniform and “Brooklyn” in a silver jersey.

Colors: Blue, black and silver.  The shade of blue is up to the fans!

American League East

New York Yankees

Brooklyn Boroughs

Boston Red Sox

Baltimore Orioles

Toronto Blue Jays


Bring Back Brooklyn Baseball!



We are getting closer to the NFL returning to L.A.

It seems like this conflict has been going on for 30 years.

The Rams and their fans seem to think they will be returning next season, if they do it will be against the NFL standards of a franchise to leave a city.

Stan Kroenke owns the Rams( as if you don’t know that) he is still in a good place if the Rams are blocked to moving to Los Angeles. He could sell the team to Shahid Khan, who originally wanted the Rams.

Or Rush Limbaugh, which the league will fight, but may have a change of heart. Also he still owns the property in Inglewood, and could rent the stadium out, or sell the land and make double his money.

In the meantime, the Chargers and Raiders have the lead in returning to L.A.  Both, especially the Raiders have not been offered a new venue worthy of staying in their current homes.

So where will these two play in the mean time in 2016? Leases are up and they are free to go.

The Raiders are the most popular team in L.A. and they know it, San Antonio also prefers the Raiders over the Chargers.  Remember the Chargers were asked by former Governor Rick Perry to relocate to San Antonio before the Raiders.

Raiders owner Mark Davis knows he has somewhere to go that is worthy to play in, so he is not sweating a bit.

The Raiders are wanted in two cities, one being in the second biggest market, and the other being in a state that is tax-free.

The Chargers are wanted – as a default team if San Antonio, and Los Angeles fall through for the Raiders and Rams.

The venue that has been offered to the Raiders to play until the stadium in L.A. is finished is San Antonio.

This is a great gesture by San Antonio, which deserves a NFL team, the Raiders are considering playing at the Alamo Dome as a temporary tenant. In my opinion, if the Raiders return to L.A. they should consider San Antonio as their permanent training camp.

The Chargers haven’t found an alternative venue, because nobody has asked, if the Chargers are the team chosen to move to L.A. – you can bet they will have escort themselves out San Diego asap.

The 5 Charger fans will be angry and the city of San Diego will take the land and destroy the stadium for real estate purposes.

Time will tell.

The Chargers need to reach out and gain as many fans as they can find.  Las Vegas is planning on building two new venues for soccer and hockey and possibly basketball.

They still use Sam Boyd Stadium for UNLV football, why not for the Chargers?

Do you realize the Chargers are shown in the Las Vegas area every year. This would be huge for the Chargers if they could play in Vegas until the stadium in L.A. is finished.

Las Vegas is ready for football, and the Chargers would be shocked to see the stadium full of  majority Charger fans.

Why not.

The Alamo Dome for the Raiders.

Sam Boyd Stadium for the Chargers.

Deceptive Diego


As someone who doesn’t like to parrot things over and over, but in this time frame, how can you not?

Local articles on the loyalty of Chargers fans has left me ready to vomit.

They are trying to selling how San Diego and Southern California loves the Chargers and would be crushed if they moved. They pointed out the large crowd of 58,000 that broke attendance records.  They pointed out how great of support Charger fans were.

They weren’t.

It was actually Cowboy fans that out numbered the Charger fans by a ratio of 80/20.

Of course they weren’t heard, because of the score of 17-7 in favor of the Chargers. Had this game been dominated by the Cowboys and they scored – you would have felt like you were in North Texas.

Cowboy blue was all over the stadium, not Charger Disco blue. Since I’m close to the area, and knew people that went to this game-the truth has been suppressed.

San Diego Metro has just under 3 million persons, about 5,000 in attendance were pulling for the Chargers.  That’s like 000.1 percent in the region that may care about the Chargers.  Local Carnivals are larger and have more persons following them, than actually Charger fans.

Bozo the Clown is more popular in San Diego than Philip Rivers, does anybody know where the San Diego Chicken went?

No, he left town long ago.

Then I read in the local article yesterday, how fans will be coming out in droves to keep the Chargers in town, you mean the visiting fans, because San Diego sucks when it comes to sports.

I will remind you on what teams will be visiting San Diego this season.

  1. Detroit
  2. Cleveland
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. L.A. Raiders
  5. Chicago
  6. Kansas City
  7. Denver
  8.  Miami

Does anybody really think the fans in attendance will be there for the Chargers?


When the Dolphins come to town, they will out number the Charger fans. You don’t have to have a degree to figure out that every one of these home games the Chargers will be calling time out’s due to the visiting teams crowds noise level.

If the Chargers are forcing themselves on Los Angeles, it will be even worse.

The only teams in Los Angeles that have a huge following and would have a home field advantage are:

  1. Raiders
  2. Rams
  3. Cowboys

Stop with the deception and the overkill on how great Charger fans are, they blow. There aren’t many, and for the best interest of this franchise, bring its pride back is to sell the team or move them to Las Vegas or Salt Lake. The majority of you who mock Utah, both BYU and University of Utah, sell out every game with local fans.

Vegas is ready and Utah has proven it’s loyalty to the pigskin. The Chargers can switch divisions with Seattle to get the boot of L.A. Raider fans off their neck.

There are some great people rich in power and money who love football that would love to have this franchise and turn it into a winner.  They also would make people proud to be a Chargers fan, instead of shameful.

Donald Trump may be President or not, who has property in Las Vegas, and has tried to buy sports teams before, and has been unfairly ruled out.

Donald Trump could buy the Chargers in a twinkling of an eye and transfer them to Las Vegas and turn this team into the Yankees of Football.

Trump Field of Vegas 2018?

Chiclet Falsies


San Diego Chiclet Cheerleading was disgusting by their local announcers, none of what they said was true

You would think the Chargers just won the Super Bowl.

Let’s take a look on some of the false statements that were spoken about Charger fans. Yes, I live near the area and can examine Charger games weekly.

  1. “Charger Fans came out in droves to show their support to keep this team in San Diego!” lol 80 percent of the crowd was wearing Silver and Blue and rooting for the Cowboys, the reason you couldn’t hear them on a constant basis is because they gave their fans nothing to cheer for.
  2.  “This season tickets are selling out fast!” No, not really, they are being gobbled up quickly by visiting teams fans. This season will have some of the biggest and best fan bases in the country and the greater San Diego area.
  3. “City leaders are doing everything they can to keep the Chargers in town!” No not really, they made a small donation to the new venue in San Diego, in which the Chargers leaders said “no!” The money they offered was not even enough to pay for a new parking lot.
  4. “San Diego has the best fans in football!” Ah no. They don’t even have the best fans in the state, when the Raiders come to town, the “Quit” turns into “L.A.” South, the majority of fans are dressed in black and are rooting the Raiders, these fans come from L.A., San Bernardino. Riverside and San Diego counties.
  5. “San Diego loves the Chargers!” In a town where everyone was born somewhere else, nobody cares or wants the Chargers, the only reason fans on the NFL would be upset if the Chargers moved, they would have drive further to see their favorite team. San Diego loves to “Pimp” the Chargers.
  6. I could go on, but you get the idea, and yes, L.A. is not the solution either for the Chargers, as the Raider fans will continue to dominate them and own them. It would be even worse in L.A. for the Chargers think Tampa Bay Rays when the Yankees and Red Sox are in town, that is where this team is headed, if you are truly are concerned and want the best for this team, you would want them to move out state and into the NFC West.
  7. San Antonio, Portland, Salt Lake City or even Las Vegas would give this team some support, and no, the visting fans would dominate Charger games, especially in South Texas.
  8. Go into any department store that sells NFL gear and they either don’t carry Charger gear or have it on clearance by week 5. The Raiders, Cowboys, Steelers and Packers is what sells -and most gear will be gone by week 10.



Master Stan Kroenke is a cunning genius or out though himself, I say cunning genius.

Maybe I’m the Drone.

It has never been stated publicly, That Rams Owner Stan Kroenke was going to move the Rams back To Southern California.

You do realize the NFL has rules on moving, however a few owners have not followed the code. Don’t you think the Rams would have been in Southern California by now before all the provisions of moving to Inglewood?

He didn’t.  The Rose Bowl was open and begging for business, the Rams lease in St Louis was up, they are free to move around the country.

But they didn’t.

The Rams owner did buy property in Inglewood located in outside of L.A. So what, real estate is Gold in California, symbolically it looked like this meant the Rams were moving to Southern California.


It was a cunning move by Master Stan, if his plan was to get the best venue in St Louis without paying for it, as we all know a judge vote it doesn’t need the vote or permission of the public in St Louis to fund a venue for the Rams.

So the stadium is going to be built, and it is going to cost a ton of cash, and the Rams will stay. If Stan is planning to move even the “St Louis is too dangerous and Riots” card is played out. The NFL would never accept that lame excuse.  L.A. riots over fruit.  So he is stuck with St Louis.

Maybe Kroenke wants to sell the franchise.  Shahid Khan or Rush Limbaugh would be texting or Twittering the Rams owner in a minute.


Welcome to 2015!!

Via NFL Rule, a team can’t move unless it’s venue is deplorable or out of date, or attendance is below average. The Rams only qualify for one of those, and the situation of a new venue has been resolved.

The St Louis Rams attendance average 55,000 in the last few seasons.  The Raiders and Chargers average way below that and their venues are outdated and shitty.

So these two franchises already in California qualify for a move to L.A. -the Rams don’t, unless he defies his NFL Masters via Mayflower move Baltimore Colts and forces the Rams to Southern California without permission.

He wouldn’t do that.

He is way too smart.  He would sell the team first before he give the middle finger to Roger Goodell.

He is way to classy and knows the L.A. Market loves the Raiders.

Viva Las Vegas Rams?


Could it be?

A judge in the great city of Saint Louie has ordered no public vote is needed to build a venue in the city.

In other words” You will fund a new venue and you will like it!”  This is good Tyranny if you’re a sports fan.  ST. Louis is a great sports town and has just sent a message to the Rams owner who is very sharp and cunning.

The message? ” The city of St Louis doesn’t need your stinking Rams, we are going to build a NFL Venue and a team will come with or without you!”.  The Rams owner has zero excuse of leaving St Louis, but he will.

Although, he has never stated via his vocals he is planning to move the Rams to Southern California.  So St Louis is the supreme Boss in this matter and holds all the power over the Rams. Well done.

If I were a St. Louis sports fan, I would want the football Cardinals back, and kick the Rams to the recycling bin. Now L.A. knows the current Rams owner has nowhere to go but Inglewood.  He could try Portland, San Antonio or New Mexico or even Vegas.

Las Vegas is the best bet, because the Rams could own the L.A Market without paying the taxes- by default.

Why Not?

Las Vegas has great winters for football and is growing, and loves sports. They said the same thing when the Dodgers moved to L.A.

Viva Las Vegas Rams?

San Diego Chiclets 3



A poll in San Diego found that Comic Books are more popular than the Chargers.

Nobody who lives in Southern California is shocked. The Chargers are worthless and created to serve visiting teams fans.

San Diego’s venue gives other teams extra home games, 80 percent of the crowd at the “Q” is rooting for the other team.

Raider fans out number Charger fans in San Diego 6-1. In L.A. there are no Charger fans, in fact the Inland Empire along with L.A. County have the most Raider fans in the state, the Raiders could actually build a venue in Riverside and sell out with 100 percent  Raider fans.

Same as L.A, but if you lived in the area, you know the Inland Empire is quite a distance from L.A.

Nobody knows if Orange County is still fond of the Rams, but we do know the Rams are the second most popular team in L.A. county. Orange County is still up in the air, Anaheim Stadium was home to the Rams for a decade and in was one of the greatest venues and fan bases in the country.

Going to a Rams game at Anaheim Stadium was pleasurable, just like going to Angels game at the current smaller venue.

The Rams are going to play in Southern California next season -Angel Stadium was mentioned. The Retro Big “A” held at least 75,000, and know it holds 40,000.

It would be great to watch a Rams game at the 21st century Angel Stadium, until the new venue for the Rams is done in 2017.

We shall see.

I can’t beat my chest enough about the Rams and Raiders being the teams fit for Southern California.  The Chargers are fit for another state.

San Antonio was interested years ago. Portland aka Potland wants an NFL team as well.  The Chargers are better served leaving Southern California.  They are an embarrassment to the community and have become the Tampa Bay Rays of the NFL.

The graffiti is on the wall for the San Diego Chiclets. Heck the urine is on the wall for the Chargers.