1972 Los Angeles Rams season
1972 Los Angeles Rams season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only one NFC team can return in Los Angeles.


It comes down to these two.

Vikings vs Rams.

Those that follow the Rams in the 70’s remember this rivalry.

Shades of Fran Tarkenton vs Pat Haden.

The Vikings knocked the Rams out the playoffs many times.  A few them cost the Rams a Super Bowl run.

The Vikings became pests to Los Angeles Ram fans.

These two met in 1977. It was the NFC championship game.  Vikings defeat the Rams 14-7. Vikings would face the Raiders in the Super Bowl.  Raiders would destroy the Vikings 32-14.

At that time nobody in Minnesota or Los Angeles ever dreamed these two teams would move. Nobody could conceive the Vikings may end up in Los Angeles.

Like the Raiders, the Rams have a strong following in Southern California.  The Raiders may get the nod in rulership, Ram fans currently have the momentum to get this team back.

Facing the facts.  St Louis is a baseball town.  One of the greatest baseball franchises in all of sports in the Cardinals.  The East Coast has the Yankees, the Midwest has the Red Birds.

These two franchises have produced the most World Series rings.

The Rams are nothing more than orphans in St Louis.  They don’t belong there. This team can’t move back to Los Angeles if Zygi Wilf gets there first.

He may. Don’t count the Vikings out.

The Vikings may not have a strong following in Los Angeles. Neither did the Lakers.  A few championships can change loyalties.

Whay have the Lakers done since moving to Los Angeles?

11 NBA titles have come through Los Angeles.

The same fate could happen to the Vikings with a move to L.A.

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