If You Build It They Won’t Care

A San Diego Home Game?
A San Diego Home Game?

The one lone sign said, “Save the Chargers!”

I’m thinking, “From What!” It appears the Chargers were created to serve other NFL teams fans at home. The have been a good little slave.

Right? They serve the visiting teams masters well.

They want the local tax payers to pay for a venue in Mission Valley, so football fans that follow other teams can watch them live on your dime.

Oh, and so persons can sell their tickets to other fans for more money, this used to be called scalping.  But they have white washed it, of course San Diego tax payers who don’t give a shit about football let alone the Chargers will pay for this billion dollar venue.


If San Diego residents don’t bow down and worship the Chargers and give their wallets, they will go to L.A.

L.A. football fans despise the Chargers.  They are Raider fans. Oh, but tickets are being bought from Orange County, yea to sell to the visiting fans, this does not constitute a Charger fan base, but a bunch of greedy snots.

Once again L.A. hates the Chargers and San Diego.

Drill this into your heads so residents won’t be scammed with losing their unwanted team to L.A. You have nothing to fear, let them walk, because their franchise will be destroyed.


Just like the Vikings did, they have no intention of going up I-5, they just used L.A. like a blow up doll. If the Chargers owner has any honor , he will move this team to a city that will support it.

It’s important to the players to have a Home Field Advantage. It tears them down to be at home and it sounds like a road game.

Dan Fouts, Charlie Joiner, Kellen Winslow and the San Diego Chicken deserve better. If the owner of the Chargers is content with having rectums in the stands and he doesn’t care who they root for, then he is un worthy of owning the Chargers.

The Charger last game against the Browns sounded like they were in Cleveland, and the Chargers had to over come the great Browns crowd to win.


Save the Chargers from their owner.

Save the Chargers from another home game on the road, yes, this will be even stronger.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming to San Diego, the only people in the stadium rooting for the Chargers will be the actual players in Disco blue.

Viva Mexico Raiders



The NFL wants to start playing regular season games in Mexico and Germany in 2016, the Raiders would be the perfect team to play all of it’s home games in Mexico, they could keep their connection to L.A. as well.

  1. Mexico Raiders(stadium holds 100 k and would fill up of pure Raider fans) The Raiders could have a country to themselves.

    AFC West

    Los Angeles(Rams)

    Kansas City

    2. Germany Chargers-The Disco Blue Bolts would finally have HFA and a country to themselves. No more road games at home.

    NFC East

    New York


    What about the Cowboys? The NFC West is where they belong, after all the Cowboys have the biggest fan base in All over California.

    NFC West

    San Francisco

    The Cowboys could play one game a year against Washington for tradition.

    Or not.

    Dallas may want to move on from the NFC East foes because the San Francisco- Dallas conflict would be huge and greater. Arizona is already in conflict with the Cowboys, add Seattle to the mix.

    The Cowboys-49ers conflict would be even stronger than it’s current battles with Washington, Philadelphia and New York.

    3. London Jaguars(Perfect fit for the city) 100 k as well to attend games. Shahid Khan has shown his greatness as an NFL owner, he would be even greater if the team was in a bigger market. London calling.

    AFC East

    New England
    New York

    AFC South



Burned Out


If the St Louis Masters haven’t figured out the manipulation of a new venue by the Rams, that is pathetic, a five year old could figure this puzzle out.

Because even a child could figure what the Rams scam is. They may leave , but they wont be going to L.A.

A few years back, the road to L.A was wide open, when the Pasadena Rose Bowl offered its venue to any NFL team, the Rams lease was up.

They had the chance to move the Rose Bowl and play, and wait patiently for the new venue to be built. They rejected a move, showing they are not interested in L.A.

They conducted a false fire today against the Steelers at home, I wonder if this was fixed?

The Rams are trying to suck everything out of St. Louis, they probably wanted a stadium of gold with jumbo tron the size of the Statue of Liberty.

So fake a fire. Or start one by accident, to show how depleted the EJD is for the nation.  Better yet, bring the Ferguson Rioters to a game.


Sell the team to Rush Limbaugh nd be done with the mind screwing. If the Rams moved to Inglewood, the stadium and the cars in the parking lot would be torched by the locals.

Anybody who thinks the Rams would ever sell out game in Inglewood, is high. Did you ever wonder why the L.A. Lakers would leave an arena in which they won many titles to move to Downtown L.A.?

Which is the homeless capital of the nation?

I let you figure this one out.

The 2 thousand paid Ram fans that came out to practice in Oxnard which is Cowboys Country, are nothing. The Cowboys draw up to 10,000 for one practice.

There was a reason why the Rams left L.A. County and Orange County, it is because like the Chargers , nobody gives a shit about these two teams in L.A.

You could probably find more Patriot and Steeler fans than these two un- wanted franchise’s.

The Raiders and Cowboys, that is a different story, the Raiders have a home ready for them in L.A., the Cowboys would never leave Texas, but will continue to practice an hour North in Oxnard aka CC(Cowboys City)

What is the real agenda about, Stan Kroenke wants the Broncos that is his passion, anything Denver.

I’m sure Rush Limbaugh is easy to find, Twitter him.  You owe him that.

Congo Chargers


If you been shopping at the local malls in Southern California and Southern Nevada sports shops, you will notice some quirky things.

There is no Charger, Padre or anything with an “SD” on it  at all. None to be found or be seen.



In fact, when asked where the Charger jerseys are located you will get mocked.  They don’t carry any San Diego gear. Don’t ask unless you want to get pounded with insults.

Nobody knows where the hell the San Diego Chicken went?  Maybe he was used in sacrifice.

None, not even the tourist care, even they know the team is a waste in San Diego or California in general.


Because nobody buys it, in fact the employees have said Tampa Bay Buccaneers gear sells more than the Chargers.

Buccaneers gear is Southern Nevada and California?


You walk around any mall in these regions you will notice, nobody is wearing anything with San Diego on it.


This team wants to move to L.A.?

Of course Raider gear is seen all over and sells quite a bit even though they suck, L.A. Raider fans are high on the fact their team is coming back.

San Diego is a non- factor when it comes to selling gear and support in the two closest regions, you have to admit, the Chargers colors are very cool, blue of any shade sells well in the NFL family.

Except the Chargers.

Padre gear is just gross and lame, this team needs to go. The Dodgers and their fans own San Diego, Petco Park was made to serve Dodger followers, other than that, nobody cares about the Padres.

El Paso or San Antonio or even Austin would love the Padres.

The Chargers will probably go 1-15 and when they are at home, they will be on the road when at home, fans of the visiting teams have already bought up the majority of tickets, of course  when the Chargers are on the road , you wont see any Charger fans.

They are invisible.

I know the latest articles on how L.A. loves the Chargers and they will are the only team allowed to move up I-5, is false.

There are 2. 5 Charger followers and they were only wearing the shirt because they were homeless.

When the Raiders moved to L.A., that should of be a symbol for the Chargers to get out of California, things have never been the same.  L.A. loves the Raiders and will never accept  the Chargers and Orange County, the only buy tickets to Charger games in these two counties to watch the other team, they have no interest in the Disco Blue and Gold. If all the Charger owner cares about is putting rectums in the seats, and could care less what team they root for, then by all means move the Chargers North on I-5.

It is a shame players have to put up with this non sense.  Of course the Charger announcers also have to lie about the crowd, as they did during the Dallas game.


Does the Pope like football? Only he can save this franchise and make it into something.

Or Donald Trump.

Trump Tower in Las Vegas is a beautiful site, maybe he could bring the team to Nevada?

Or not.

Until then- Charger gear will be seen only in Congo. I guess that is where they ship gear that is not wanted in the states, unless the Congo people have an affection for Philip Rivers.



9.11 U.S.- 11.9  Non U.S.

Anybody with a pulse will never forget where they were on that day.


Not only were thousands killed, but many had to jump to their death. It was either burn to death or smash to the concrete.

What a choice.

There is not one thing humorous about that day, to those that served and witnessed these actions, they will never be the same.

What does this have to do with the NFL?

Nothing, until a city made it one.

Nobody likes mockery.

It appears San Diego does.  They city leaders have told the Chargers to make a choice on whether to stay or relocate.

Guess the date? 9.11!

You wonder why I write such critical articles on San Diego, this is why.  If this doesn’t reveal that the city wants the Chargers gone in a subtle way, then you have no intelligence.

San Diego the Glorified Tijuana, is the biggest joke in the state of California. The city that points its self-righteous fingers at L.A.- just revealed how cruel it is.

The Chargers need to relocate to another state. The Charger players deserve a city with fans that care and will support and never let visiting team fans take over.

San Diego is the only place where the home team has to call a time out due to visiting teams fan crowd noise.

Now this?

9.11 should be a day where Americans can clear their head. No worries.

San Diego(Glorified Tijuana) is truly a repulsive city.

May the Chargers exit with class, like the thousands of other businesses that have left this city.

Please take the Padres as well.

Petco was headquartered in San Diego, not anymore.  They figured out San Diego was dismal, yet the Padres haven’t changed the name of their venue.

When San Diego has its own version of 9.11, the city won’t be so smug and arrogant.

Or fueled with mockery.

Go Chargers Go- out of California!

Green Bay vs Pittsburgh(Retro Article)


Let’s face facts. These two cities have the greatest football franchises in North America.

America’s team is not Dallas. America’s has two loves. It’s AFC team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s NFC team is the Green Bay Packers.

Yes, America has committed football adultery.

These are deep-rooted franchises with real history to them.

The Cowboys are late birds. The Cowboys were born in 1960. Packers in 1919. Steelers in 1933.

Dallas is a growing city with a transient population. In reality, nobody is from Dallas. Not even Jerry Jones. Texas is one of the greatest football state, South Texas is it’s heart.

Not so in Green Bay or Pittsburgh. These are cities that lose it’s population. In other words, nobody wants to leave, they do so out of economical hardship.

Green Bay and Pittsburgh have distinct accents and personalities. Can anybody in Dallas make this claim? On any given day in North Texas you can hear a variety of accents.

Out of states license plates are rampant all over North Texas.

In Green Bay and Pittsburgh and out-of-town license plate usually means a Packer or Steelers fan from another part of the country is in town for a game.

Dallas’s personality is American and it’s accent is muscle flexed.

Green Bay and Pittsburgh natives are as down to earth as it gets.

If these three cities were a famous person, Dallas would be J.R. Ewing. Green Bay and Pittsburgh would be Dan Conner.

If these three cities were a famous music artist Dallas would be Clay Aiken. Pittsburgh would be Styx. Green Bay would be Steely Dan or Jethro Tull.

Blue Collar and simplicity rule Green Bay and Pittsburgh. White Collar and wealth rule Dallas.

Glamor meets modesty.

There is nothing wrong with being wealthy-until it rules and reigns your character. Dallas has an ego problem and it is showing in it’s new venue.

Green Bay and Pittsburgh venues are perfect models for each city. Not to big-not to small.

Dallas has it’s Silver and Blue with a giant “Star” on it’s helmet. The Cowboys uniforms shout “look at how great I am!”

Steelers and Packer uniforms don’t have to shout-they are great.

Dallas 8 Super Bowl showings.

Pittsburgh -7 Super Bowl showings.

Green Bay 4 Super Bowl showings.

These three franchises sell the most jerseys in the world.

Dallas is usually on top.

Yep. Glamour sells! So does arrogance.

Steelers and Packers Fans don’t realize they are mirror images in their passion.

If the Green Bay Packers didn’t exist- fans in Green Bay, would be Steelers Fans. If the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t exist-Fans in Pittsburgh would be Packer Fans.

Make sense?

I didn’t think so.

We are just a few hours from the greatest matchup in Super Bowl history. Something has to give. One city will be celebrating throughout the night. While the other city will be taken medicine for it’s pain.

Even fans in other cities will be following this game. Many don’t know outside  of Pittsburgh and Green Bay grew up rooting for these two teams.

Many grew up Steelers and Packer fans despite growing up in Colorado, Florida or even New York.

The Nation will be glued. This Super Bowl will have the highest ratings ever. (Major Prediction!)

Green Bay and Pittsburgh’s natives -start stocking up on the Iron City and La Crosse brew. We have a doozie in Dallas.

Packers 30 Steelers 21



As someone who doesn’t like to parrot things over and over, but in this time frame, how can you not?

Local articles on the loyalty of Chargers fans has left me ready to vomit.

They are trying to selling how San Diego and Southern California loves the Chargers and would be crushed if they moved. They pointed out the large crowd of 58,000 that broke attendance records.  They pointed out how great of support Charger fans were.

They weren’t.

It was actually Cowboy fans that out numbered the Charger fans by a ratio of 80/20.

Of course they weren’t heard, because of the score of 17-7 in favor of the Chargers. Had this game been dominated by the Cowboys and they scored – you would have felt like you were in North Texas.

Cowboy blue was all over the stadium, not Charger Disco blue. Since I’m close to the area, and knew people that went to this game-the truth has been suppressed.

San Diego Metro has just under 3 million persons, about 5,000 in attendance were pulling for the Chargers.  That’s like 000.1 percent .

Local Carnivals are larger and have more persons following them, than actually Charger fans. NYPD re-runs have a bigger following.

Chum- Lee is more popular in San Diego than Philip Rivers, does anybody know where the San Diego Chicken went?

No, he left town long ago.

Then I read in the local article yesterday, how fans will be coming out in droves to keep the Chargers in town, you mean the visiting fans, because San Diego sucks when it comes to sports.

I will remind you on what teams will be visiting San Diego this season.

  1. Detroit
  2. Cleveland
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. L.A. Raiders
  5. Chicago
  6. Kansas City
  7. Denver
  8.  Miami

Does anybody really think the fans in attendance will be there for the Chargers?


When the Dolphins come to town, they will out number the Charger fans. You don’t have to have a degree to figure out that every one of these home games the Chargers will be calling time out’s due to the visiting teams crowds noise level.

If the Chargers are forcing themselves on Los Angeles, it will be even worse.

The only teams in Los Angeles that have a huge following and would have a home field advantage are:

  1. Raiders
  2. Rams
  3. Cowboys

Stop with the deception and the overkill on how great Charger fans are, they blow. There aren’t many, and for the best interest of this franchise, bring its pride back is to sell the team or move them to Las Vegas or Salt Lake. The majority of you who mock Utah, both BYU and University of Utah, sell out every game with local fans.

Vegas is ready and Utah has proven it’s loyalty to the pigskin. The Chargers can switch divisions with Seattle to get the boot of L.A. Raider fans off their neck.

There are some great people rich in power and money who love football that would love to have this franchise and turn it into a winner.  They also would make people proud to be a Chargers fan, instead of shameful.

Donald Trump may be President or not, who has property in Las Vegas, and has tried to buy sports teams before, and has been unfairly ruled out.

Donald Trump could buy the Chargers in a twinkling of an eye and transfer them to Las Vegas and turn this team into the Yankees of Football.

Trump Field of Vegas 2018?