Yes, The Los Angeles Rams will be picking number one in the 2016 draft.

Via trade with the Tennessee Titans.

Those on the inside think the L.A. Rams will take Cal QB  Jarod Goff.

Or will Los Angeles trade their pick?  It sounds great to say “L.A.”

About 10 teams just gnashed their teeth. The L.A. Rams hold the power over the other 31 teams.

Los Angeles can find a decent QB later in the draft, but holding the card to Jarod Goff is simply a genius move. The Rams knew a  division rival screwed up when they didn’t draft Aaron Rodgers, and now this franchise wants to rectify a wrong by drafting Jarod Goff- who went to the same school as Rodgers.

Not anymore, common enemies will work together against a greater enemy to keep them from prospering. It looks like the L.A. Rams and Dallas Cowboys are uniting against this NFC West division foe.

Don’t be shocked if Goff is a Dallas Cowboy come draft day.

Start buying the goodies now!








Since the Chargers and Raiders are in a pissing match, let’s continue to talk about what is coming down the pike.

What will happen?

1.The Raiders will move to Vegas.

2.  Johnny Manziel will start the 2017 season with the “Vegas” Raiders.

3. Johnny Manziel will get the last word, when he leads the Vegas Raiders to the playoffs.

4.The Chargers will move to L.A.

5. The Clippers will move to Seattle.

6. The Warriors will lose in the 2016 NBA Finals.

I just saved you countless hours and pondering on the local sports talk shows, a huge amount of time.

Sports talk shows have served their purpose.

No harm, no foul.

Everybody is happy.

What the Los Angeles Rams are about to inherit at the new venue in In 2019 will be amazing, hopefully by this time the Lakers will return to some form of glory.

Retro Rams gear is being sold by the thousands from E bay to Craigslist.  The Rams will officially return to Southern California in a few days.


Some L.A. Rams gear is officially being sold at the official site, but you will pay.

This could be the longest wait for an NFL season to begin, in the history of mankind.

I can’t wait!

Tell me again why the Rams left Anaheim Stadium for putrid St Louis? Tell me why leaving Orange County for Misery was the best thing for this great franchise.





I Like It



Well, since the Raiders and Chargers are going to play Chess for the rights to LA.- Let’s talk some Los Angeles Rams.

Get excited.

L.A. Rams.

Blue and Gold.

Blue and White.

The state of California’s official colors. No, not Red or Green or pink.

Adios St Louie.

Get the kegs and chips ready.  Over 60,000 Ram fans have put deposits down for Ram tickets at the future venue in Inglewood.

I saw the Rams play at Anaheim Stadium, and always wondered why any team would want to leave Sothern California, it was great and as usual the weather was fantastic.

The Rams are not returning to North Orange County, they are officially relocating across the L.A. County line.

In fact they are going to play, where they first started in the early 50’s -at the Coliseum for three years. The Roman Coliseum.

Just like old times. USC and the L.A. Rams sharing a venue.

Of course, many of you already know this, and are ready for 2016. L.A Ram jerseys are going for cheap on EBAY, with many of the sellers from Eastern Missouri.

The Rams will be paying at the new venue in 2019, and it will be the greatest place for an NFL game in North America.

Hopefully the Rams will wear their original colors from their first move to L.A.

Blue and White, with Blue and Gold as the alternative jersey.

Screw the Chargers and Raiders.  They can fight for L.A. or Vegas.

The Rams are home for good.  They are one QB from the playoffs.   I suggested looking up North for one.

Colin Kaepernick is about to be dumped a bag of caca from the nemesis the 49ers.

The 49ers are done with Kaepernick, Gunslingers never fit in for the 49er franchise.  However, perfect for the Rams.

San Francisco is where Gunslingers go to rot.

Colin can get sweet revenge on the 49ers and inform Los Angeles on the secrets of the San Francisco football system.

I like it.




Utah Raiders 17



For those that don’t the history of Utah and it’s culture, they would be shocked to know this is one of the greatest football states in the union.

The New Orleans Jazz were bought and sold to a local man from Utah.  Back then, Basketball was low on the bucket list in the Beehive State.

Football ruled even 25 years ago.

But the Jazz were accepted and loved and have become one of the greatest franchises known to the planet.

The name made no sense, but it is like a Pug dog, it is so ugly it is beautiful, so did the name and the colors of the Utah Jazz.

BYU and Utah along with Utah State rule the state. They sell out every game win or lose and they love their teams, just as Southerners love their College Football.

If not more.

The NFL has been eyeing the SLC market for years, there is a venue that is ready for Pro football call Rice -Eccles home of the Utah Utes.

Just above 46,000, this venue is always packed. You could add a few more seats and “POOF!” The NFL is ready for Utah.

Why the Raiders? Because Los Angeles would be a disaster for them, it was bad last time?

Crime and gangs in the stands, LAPD working overtime at Raider games.

Raider gear in L.A. only being worn, who could care less about the games, just the logo , because it looks cool to them, some cities in Southern California banned Raider gear.

The L.A. gang worshippers are waiting for the Raiders return, that should tell you something.

Ice Chest rap pumping through the stands, and other L.A. gangster rappers as well. Bald headed Dodger fans wearing blue with tattoos will also be in attendance.

Oakland has become a freak show. The worship of Halloween does have anything to do with the NFL.

L.A will be a gang fest during Raider games. The city will go broke having to hiring the LAPD (like last time) to watch  Raider fans who only go to the games to sell drugs and bully people.


Back in the retro days of Raider football, there was purity and knowledge of the team, this was before the move to Smog Angeles.

The Citizens of Oakland knew their team and loved them with passion.

Those days are gone, Raider fans can’t even tell you who the starting QB is, or the coach and his history, One Raider fan was asked who is the new coach and he replied” Jack In The Box!”

Enough is enough, football purist are vomiting at the though of L.A raiders returning.

Salt Lake would be true football fans who love the game and would bring honor back to the Raiders.

Utah football fans are knowledgeable and purist when it comes to anything to do with the pig skin.

They wear jerseys and hats , not Ronald Mc Donald outfits, and other costumes they have nothing to do with the Raiders, one guy at an Oakland Raider dressed up with a toilet seat around his neck.

Of course the scoffers say Utah can’t afford the NFL and the religion is too strong, some of the best football fans come from the Mormon faith.

The same thing happened to the Jazz as they moved to SLC, and it was the best move since the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn.

The Raiders would be even better.

It’s time to get back to the basics with football and fans who actually care and can bring the Raiders back to their retro winning ways with the circus acts.

The Silver and Black along with the Red and Black at Rice- Eccles in 2017.

















The Outhouse


For those of us that have observed what goes on at the, your average Joe or Jose would be shocked.

If you are into Dog fighting and using hard drugs, this is the place. You will notice Oakland Raider cult members having side shows of dog fights in the parking lots while nobody does anything.

You will also notices minions of kids doing drugs of all kinds while watching these fights.  Nobody really cares about the Oakland Raiders at all. It’s just a haven for the scum of the earth.  The majority know nothing about the team or the history.

They were the logo because they think it gives them super natural powers, and “Raiders” 99 times per game, even when the visiting team scores.

The dumbest football fans attend Oakland Raider games. If you’re a drug addict or into dog fighting or a vagrant, this is the place for you. Or a collector of tin cans.

Or a worshipper of a needle in the arm. What goes in those RV’s would make Alex Jones sick.

The cheapest tickets in the NFL, and they still can’t sell out.  The venue has a sewer smell, and the food taste like your local mini mart.

A disaster.  Oakland used to pride itself on locals only, but now L.A. Rappers and stars have over taken the team.  One L.A. Rapper is worshipped by local Oakland’s when he makes his presence known.  They even bend the knee to his royalty, through samples of his music.


You thought Oakland hated L.A.? It  worships it just like the rest of the nation. Oakland always promotes how proud it is, but can’t see it’s team is slowly being pulled from its filthy hands.

Oakland has local talent, but has rejected it, in favor of L.A. and Compton entertainment.

Those that have been to a Oakland Raider game can expect to hear Gangster music by Rappers that live in L.A. County.

L.A. is taking the  Raiders back to the Southland slowly, and those from Oakland are way too drugged out or stupid and lame to see it coming. This is being surgically done.

Straight out of Compton defeats Oakland again.

Bow down Oakland to your Compton masters. A small suburb defeats a big city in a game of chess.

Raider fans in Los Angeles, always had some sense and honor, they didn’t dress up like goblins and dweebs and name themselves “Dr. Worshipper of Death or Dr. Dog Fighter”!

They dressed cool in Raider gear and loved the team with purity. Unlike the Oakland Raiders fans who dress up like they are at a Ronald McDonald’s convention.

The Hispanic population in L.A. has some pride and is hard-working and love the Raiders, without the gross costumes.

The Hamburglar has a family reunion when Oakland Raider fans show up, his bloodline has been found.

Even Ronald Mc Donald is offended by these earmites.

L.A Raiders in a new venue will be honorable and the passion of the Raider fan will be known around the country without the circus.

Hopefully the Chargers will be treated with respect in sharing a venue with the L.A. Raiders.

The Raider Cult Belongs in Vegas

Oakland Raiders New Home

Friends, If you have been following American football in Los Angeles then you will know three teams are jockeying to move to move to L.A. County.

And Las Vegas.  The City that worships Halloween 24/7.

The three teams are :

  1. Rams 2. Raiders 3. Chargers

The Raiders and their cult following had a meeting in their current venue that was biased and full of lies.

Since  Raider fans have no NFL IQ above 2- and ignorant knowledge of their history, let me be the first to educated the world.

Raider fans think they are supreme when it comes to football, they think they have the greatest fans in sports.

Fallacy number one.

Raider fans forget they have tarps on the upper deck of their stadium, they also play in the smallest venue in the league and have trouble filling it.

Raider fans in their current venue beat their chest how nobody from L.A. was in the attendance at the local conference.

It was so pathetic,  Raiders conference used a disabled man, to play the sympathy card, if they were really concerned about this man, they would give him better care and help him pay his bills, going to a  Raiders game probably gets him sicker.

Fallacy number two.

L.A already had their conference about moving the team back to Southern California, and it was sold out and positive, L.A. loves the Raiders and has double the size of fans than at their current home.

Why would any L.A. Raider fan show up at  Oakland conference, it’s a waste of time and money, and would be biased.

The Raider fans are great and loyal people.

Fallacy number three.

Raider fans are probably the worst people on the face on the earth, who ever told them they were great lied.

They aren’t. They have no respect. None.

Raider fans are Junior High School bullies, who are hostile to anybody who doesn’t wear their putrid logo that endorses stealing hub caps.

These people  are toxic bread gobblers, who can’t afford football games in Oakland unless they are scamming someone.

The Raider cult members call themselves “The Family” just like Charles Manson did in the past, a bunch of weak losers who think putting on a Oakland Raider shirt gives them power over human beings.

They are the biggest cowards known to the human race, there is nothing great about  Raider fan. Nothing, but load mouths who live in the past just like a 60’s hippie.

The Raiders belong at their current venue.

This team has sucked the money dry out of their current home. It is going bankrupt because of the Bread Gobbler Raiders. They put nothing in and take everything out. The current Home suffers with this team in the area, business wise they are a failure.

Oakland is changing into a Real Estate Power House- and these parasites free ride is coming to an end and they know it.

Oakland is upgrading itself, like many other cities do, as long as the Raiders are in town, the city can never move forward. It is not cheap to live in this city any more.

It was cheap by Bay Area standards, but that means nothing to the rest of the nation.

Raider fans know nothing about the history of the team, they simply wear the colors, because they think it gives them “Super Man” powers.

Mark Davis is doing the right thing in wanting to better the team in L.A.

More money is to be made, and sophistication will abound and true love for the L.A. Raiders will be authentic.

Make no mistake, L.A. is Raiders country, and the fans in the area know how to handle themselves in a positive matter, they have a true love for the Raiders, unlike Oakland which most of its fans are disgusting slobs and dweebs who have no respect for anyone, but they want respect, but they don’t give it back.

Raider fans are an embarrassment to this great game of Football, Halloween comes once year, not every day, stop dressing up like the creeps you are and show some class.

You don’t scare anyone, you just make everybody want to vomit. You’re the little bully in school, that when confronted gets his rectum kicked, because you are nothing, and deep down you know it.

Wearing Raiders does not give you superior powers over others, it only makes you look like the slob you are.

Los Angeles will give Raider fans the respect and honor they have been looking for, Mark Davis is doing the right thing in his pursuit of the Southland.


The Raiders are persecuted mantra is played out and irrelevant, you get what you deserve, You treat others as you want to be treated, employment in the NFL is a privilege  not a right, you want to screw everybody, then you too will be screwed.

Grow up.

Realize you are nothing without the NFL’s approval and submission to the league’s masters. Realize Los Angeles Raider fans are superior to you.  Oakland Raider fans have proven time again they can’t support a tiny venue with the best public transportation on the West Coast.

The L.A. Raider fan hasn’t had a chance to watch the Silver and Black in a decent venue.  The L.A. Coliseum of the 90’s was a dangerous place to go to. No parking and no public transportation system, the L.A. Raider fans still supported their team in war-like conditions.

The Raiders aren’t getting a new venue in Oakland, the area has changed and grown up to be a great city. The Raiders and their bread gobbling and costume wearing goblins only destroy an area, and take out of the economy instead of putting in.

Oakland is a first class city  – when the Raiders leave.

Las Vegas has entered the picture, the Raiders are Las Vegas and Las Vegas is the Raiders, Halloween 24/7 in Sin City.

41 million people vacation in Vegas, you do the math.

It’s time.

The Vegas Raiders is too perfect!!!! No state taxes in Nevada and it is business friendly!!!