Master Stan Kroenke is a cunning genius or out though himself, I say cunning genius.

Maybe I’m the Drone.

It has never been stated publicly, That Rams Owner Stan Kroenke was going to move the Rams back To Southern California.

You do realize the NFL has rules on moving, however a few owners have not followed the code. Don’t you think the Rams would have been in Southern California by now before all the provisions of moving to Inglewood?

He didn’t.  The Rose Bowl was open and begging for business, the Rams lease in St Louis was up, they are free to move around the country.

But they didn’t.

The Rams owner did buy property in Inglewood located in outside of L.A. So what, real estate is Gold in California, symbolically it looked like this meant the Rams were moving to Southern California.


It was a cunning move by Master Stan, if his plan was to get the best venue in St Louis without paying for it, as we all know a judge vote it doesn’t need the vote or permission of the public in St Louis to fund a venue for the Rams.

So the stadium is going to be built, and it is going to cost a ton of cash, and the Rams will stay. If Stan is planning to move even the “St Louis is too dangerous and Riots” card is played out. The NFL would never accept that lame excuse.  L.A. riots over fruit.  So he is stuck with St Louis.

Maybe Kroenke wants to sell the franchise.  Shahid Khan or Rush Limbaugh would be texting or Twittering the Rams owner in a minute.


Welcome to 2015!!

Via NFL Rule, a team can’t move unless it’s venue is deplorable or out of date, or attendance is below average. The Rams only qualify for one of those, and the situation of a new venue has been resolved.

The St Louis Rams attendance average 55,000 in the last few seasons.  The Raiders and Chargers average way below that and their venues are outdated and shitty.

So these two franchises already in California qualify for a move to L.A. -the Rams don’t, unless he defies his NFL Masters via Mayflower move Baltimore Colts and forces the Rams to Southern California without permission.

He wouldn’t do that.

He is way too smart.  He would sell the team first before he give the middle finger to Roger Goodell.

He is way to classy and knows the L.A. Market loves the Raiders.

Viva Las Vegas Rams?


Could it be?

A judge in the great city of Saint Louie has ordered no public vote is needed to build a venue in the city.

In other words” You will fund a new venue and you will like it!”  This is good Tyranny if you’re a sports fan.  ST. Louis is a great sports town and has just sent a message to the Rams owner who is very sharp and cunning.

The message? ” The city of St Louis doesn’t need your stinking Rams, we are going to build a NFL Venue and a team will come with or without you!”.  The Rams owner has zero excuse of leaving St Louis, but he will.

Although, he has never stated via his vocals he is planning to move the Rams to Southern California.  So St Louis is the supreme Boss in this matter and holds all the power over the Rams. Well done.

If I were a St. Louis sports fan, I would want the football Cardinals back, and kick the Rams to the recycling bin. Now L.A. knows the current Rams owner has nowhere to go but Inglewood.  He could try Portland, San Antonio or New Mexico or even Vegas.

Las Vegas is the best bet, because the Rams could own the L.A Market without paying the taxes- by default.

Why Not?

Las Vegas has great winters for football and is growing, and loves sports. They said the same thing when the Dodgers moved to L.A.

Viva Las Vegas Rams?

San Diego Chiclets 3



A poll in San Diego found that Comic Books are more popular than the Chargers.

Nobody who lives in Southern California is shocked. The Chargers are worthless and created to serve visiting teams fans.

San Diego’s venue gives other teams extra home games, 80 percent of the crowd at the “Q” is rooting for the other team.

Raider fans out number Charger fans in San Diego 6-1. In L.A. there are no Charger fans, in fact the Inland Empire along with L.A. County have the most Raider fans in the state, the Raiders could actually build a venue in Riverside and sell out with 100 percent  Raider fans.

Same as L.A, but if you lived in the area, you know the Inland Empire is quite a distance from L.A.

Nobody knows if Orange County is still fond of the Rams, but we do know the Rams are the second most popular team in L.A. county. Orange County is still up in the air, Anaheim Stadium was home to the Rams for a decade and in was one of the greatest venues and fan bases in the country.

Going to a Rams game at Anaheim Stadium was pleasurable, just like going to Angels game at the current smaller venue.

The Rams are going to play in Southern California next season -Angel Stadium was mentioned. The Retro Big “A” held at least 75,000, and know it holds 40,000.

It would be great to watch a Rams game at the 21st century Angel Stadium, until the new venue for the Rams is done in 2017.

We shall see.

I can’t beat my chest enough about the Rams and Raiders being the teams fit for Southern California.  The Chargers are fit for another state.

San Antonio was interested years ago. Portland aka Potland wants an NFL team as well.  The Chargers are better served leaving Southern California.  They are an embarrassment to the community and have become the Tampa Bay Rays of the NFL.

The graffiti is on the wall for the San Diego Chiclets. Heck the urine is on the wall for the Chargers.

The Policy of Los Angeles


Carmen Policy is adding his wisdom to bring the NFL back to L.A. This is good for those in L.A. and the NFL.

The Raiders and Chargers have signed a deal to move their teams to the new venue in Carson California.  For those who don’t know the history of Carmen Policy, he along with Eddie DeBartolo bought a NFL team from the NFC in 1979.

The team they bought was worthless along with the stadium and the fans, let’s just say nobody came to the games unless they were rooting for the other team.  Policy and DeBartolo changed that and this NFC team became attractive.

These two from Northeast Ohio, are pure football genius, if you have a team that is shitty, call these two and they will turn it into something worthy.

It’s sad to think why these two could never get their hands on their hometown Browns.  Cleveland will continue to be turds along with their Brown stained uniforms, as long as they have a carpet- bag owner.

Now back to Policy, will he and Eddie DeBartolo ever return to the NFL as owners? Maybe, Charger and Raider fans should be on their knees in hopes of these two owning their franchises.

Let’s just say, this is the complete move for football in L.A.. The best is coming.

A division switch will happen.

Raider fans in L.A. remember the Seahawks- Raiders conflict, these two played some of the best football at the Kingdom and the Coliseum.

This rivalry will return in 2016.

The divisions would look like this:

AFC West

L.A. Raiders

Seattle Seahawks

Kansas City Chiefs

Denver Broncos

NFC West

L.A. Chargers

St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Ram fans should take notice, the Blue and Gold will play in California and Arizona three times a year, so no worries!

That’s fair, I think so.

London Jaguars 2


Nobody in Jacksonville wants the truth.  Their Jacksonville Jaguars are slowly being stripped from their hand.  Denial and pride always makes you dumb.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were born to move, They have been groomed for London, they will be first NFL team to play across the ocean.

Those in Jacksonville won’t admit it, notice the new jerseys have less to do anything Jacksonville on them?  Who wouldn’t want to London?

London has a their- there. Jacksonville sucks, when you visit or live in Florida its South Florida or West Florida, North Florida is “Deliverance” country.

Do you understand the money to be made with a move to London? The stadium is bigger, the London name will sell much faster in America than Jacksonville and around the globe. Anything that has come from London has been adored by Americans and the rest of the universe.

Think about all the great music that has from this city. Hell, even Lynyrd Skynyrd won’t admit their from Jacksonville, they sing praises about Alabama.


Nationalism is great – but Internationalism is even greater, I look forward to seeing the Jaguars in a London form, Shahid Khan will become the richest and smartest owner when this move is done.

London Jaguars even sounds greater.

The Jaguars and the Dolphins can easily switch divisions.

London has given so much to the American culture, let’s give them one of our American Treasures- the London Jaguars!

Here is the future:

AFC East.

London Jaguars

New England Patriots

Buffalo Bills

New York Jets

AFC South.

Miami Dolphins

Indianapolis Colts

Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans

Las Vegas Chargers


Someone find the Chargers a decent home.

San Diego residents are lagging when it comes to a new venue for the Chargers.  200 million is all the Chargers will receive from the tax slaves of San Diego.  Which is like 20 bucks in California. The attendance for the Chargers is putrid.  As the Raiders and Rams fans own Southern California, the Chargers are treated like a Pee Wee football team.

Las Vegas and San Antonio are the only hope for the Chargers. L.A. is not the answer, they will be treated worse than the Tampa Bay Rays are in West Florida, a team where the visiting fans are the majority. At least with Vegas, the few hundreds of Chargers fans left could make the trip from San Diego, and they could build a huge fan base from the thousands of tourist that call Vegas their second home. I know, there is gambling in Vegas, this is a no- no for the NFL.  I hate to tell you , as long as you some internet connection, you can gamble from the North Pole with Mr. and Mrs. Clause and Rudolph and of course the Elves want to get in on the action.

I know the players will be tempted by the bookies and the Mafia, yea right! With all the tech in 2015, the refs and the public won’t be able to tell if a player is throwing a game, of course there is the refs, yea- we can’t tell if their biased can we? In a few more seasons there will be a chip inside the ball, so every thing can be monitored. Yes a chip is coming, and the fans will love it. Give it a rest.  Vegas is perfect for the Chargers, heck even the Raiders and Rams should be interested in Vegas. I know the NHL wants to expand in Vegas, screw Hockey. I’m a NHL fan, warm weather cities tend to blow.  Vegas and Hockey are like Al Capone and Utah. Plus- naming the team would be lame and stereo typical.

Let’s see:

Las Vegas Gamblers.  I never heard that one before.

Las Vegas Sinners. Of course Vegas is the only city in the world that sins.

Las Vegas Outlaws.  Yes, laws don’t exist in Vegas, no Police and basically you can do what ever you want, that’s why the Jails are full. You break the law in Vegas you pay.  Outlaws live in Haiti, look how that country has turned out

Las Vegas Aces. How original. I bet the Reno Aces would be pissed off, no not really, they are going bankrupt and will be playing in Spokane in 2016. Spokane Meths?

Las Vegas Scorpions. Besides being the name of a famous Heavy Metal group(copyright issues), names like Coyotes, Snakes and Scorpions and Rattlers are hideous. Coyotes are walking parasites that eat domestic pets, Snakes( Arizona Diamondbacks) cause people to soil themselves. A Rattler sound is a sign you are going to get bitten and die. For Christmas little Frankie wouldn’t want these creatures near him, let alone in his room, yet we name franchises after these disgusting worthless pieces of shit.  It isn’t cool to see a kid wearing a Coyote shirt or snake shirt, if he only knew what damage and sadness these creatures have cause animal lovers. Little Frankie would highly be pissed off, as his parents should be, professional sports could come up with superior names, get a dictionary if needed. Arizona Diamondbacks is the worst of them  along with their neighbor the Coyotes. Arizona Diamonds would have been sweet. Arizona Lizards or Mountain Lions would have been even sweeter for Hockey.

Las Vegas Spades. Let alone a certain culture would get pissed off, this whole Gambling mantra is played out.

Las Vegas Capones.  The Mafia doesn’t exist. Expansion names for Las Vegas suck testies. The NFL in Las Vegas would do well, you might be surprised. Plus the Chargers or even the Raiders don’t have to deal with taxes that are off the chart in California, Nevada is business friendly, the Chargers could also use the L.A. market without paying for it. Just like the majority of Nevada residents already do.

Remembering The Alamo


Everybody in South Texas feels used by NFL owners, there should a rule against manipulating cities against one and other.

The Truth?

Governor Rick Perry still believes and is trying his best to get a team. He is scouting the Chargers. I love this move, one of the biggest franchise’s in America was based out of San Diego, even the Major League Baseball Padres have their venue named after this business.

Have you figured it out?


Petco Park is the home of the San Diego Padres, what is interesting is Petco headquarters was in San Diego.

Not anymore.

Petco moved to San Antonio.  Tax wise, a great move..  Could the Chargers follow?

San Antonio Chargers does have a special ring to it, the Chargers are not getting a stadium in San Diego, the Tax payers will give 200 million for a new venue, but that is like 2 dollars in California.

In other words, take your Chargers and stick it. L.A. taxes are even higher.

Los Angeles is Raiders turf. The only other team that could compete in L.A. is the Rams. The Cowboys too, but Owner Jones would never move to L.A.

So those in San Antone, never give up the dream of the NFL.  By default you may get the Chargers.